Saugförderergerät SA350

Powders capable SA-n for the vacuum production by Granulaten and förder. Especially ours are suck suited suck promoter for a central production. Further we construct suck special solutions for almost all uses in that production.

With that, conveyor SA-n suck receives the maker a complete solution for the material provision. High process security as well as maintenance kindness count to the essential advantages of the system.


That suck is evacuated container over the vacuum connection in the cover, take in is taken in by that now in that opening emerging low pressure the material.


That suck be made conveyor in our house. Therefore it is suck possible, that promoter bargain and to adapt quickly to different requests in the production as well as with respect to Förder medium and achievement.

The filtration the used air can suck in each promoter over a headquarters filter or over a single filter result.


  • Easy cleaning, cover is held only with chip hook
  • Groceries suitable through processing with noble steel and Silicon rubber
  • Material inspection through opening flap with filter mat
  • Prepared for the installation in central, systems suck
  • Stable cover with coarse filter for high low pressure
  • Outside situation flaps switch mechanism for simple visual inspection
  • Interchangeableer suck support (DN 40-DN 65)
  • Volume of the conveyor modularly scalable


Saugverteiler SV-n 
filter Fi-n 
couplings KU-n 
Sauglanze SL-n

Executions available for Granulat, powder, would sprinkle, PE, PP, among other things


50-2500 kg/h

Suck conveyor device SA- 350 for Granulat, achievement until 1500 kg h

Through the modular construction, we can

  • Deliver wear festivals execution
  • With and without filter
  • Different filter materials
  • Different outflow geometry
  • Outflow aids Fluitboden vibration Rührer
  • Full empty melder