Suck scales, n = quantity of the material to be promoted in kg/h

We make these devices in different configurations and adapted to the requests of the customer. If you seek a problem solution, you ask us!


The system promotes, filtert, verwiegt and doses material in a compact unit.


All components are voted on each other and enable therefore exact measuring and dosing. The system contains both a Negativverwiegung and some deduction scales.


The material to be promoted is sucked through low pressure into the supply container. During the Verwiegung, the abundance state of the Saugwaage permanently is supervised can be disengaged, therefore in reaching of the adjusted Sollwertes. The material is expedited over the Entleerklappe. Through the supervision of the scales value, the actually expedited quantity is determined.


  • promote, filter, weigh in one
  • High achievement until 5500 kg/Std.
  • automatically abreinigend
  • standardized filter patrons
  • Voting on different requests possible

Technical data:

Conveyor achievement max. 5500 kg/h Granulat, powder, sprinkles, PE, PP among other things