Differenzialdosierung pneumatically (specially for Aerosiel, quantities <500g/h)

We produce these devices in different configurations and adapted to the task position of the customer. If you seek a problem solution, you ask us!

The dosage differs in following points of other systems available on the market:

Dosage of littlest quantities (from 500g/h) through continuously pulsierenden material end deceit.

Doses extremely easy, badly trickling materials through Pneumatik (z. B. Aerosiel or similar, Schüttdichte 0.1).

Simplest operation. 

Exact keeping of the demanded quantities through solution of the fair system on 0,1 g.

Flexible control draft. The dosage can be integrated into an existing concern draft by the use of SPS-controls.

All out of a hand. GF delivers the production and the complete control up to the PC-supported dispensing administration. Therefore you save time and money and have a competent point of contact.

DDP with Wiegebehälter