appliance for flat foils and plates


The GF thick measuring instrument is an extremely robust and precise Online measuring instrument to the supervision and regulation in the manufacture of bahnförmigen products.

Mechanical structure of the foil thickness measurement:

The housing of the unit is made out of noble steel, the frame for the reception of the traversierenden sensor unit out of granite rock. That solidly frame a delay free Aufhängung guarantees for the sensor unit.

Measurement principle:

The thick measuring instrument is available with two different fair procedures.

Affecting thickness measuring procedure:

This fair procedure enables the exact measuring of foil and disks to a favorable price. In this procedure developed by GF becomes over the difference of two precision fair wheels, that are led parallel over and under the foil train, that grasps thick of the foil or disks by means of an inductive sensor.

Contactless thickness measuring procedure:

This fair procedure was developed of GF to the measurement of sensitive products and is patented (PAT. DE 197,33,297 A1). The sensor coming patented to the use works with two camera systems, that are led with interval parallel over the surface. The interval of the surfaces to the camera is determined by means of a computer over the picture sharpness. End of the difference of the calculated values arises the absolute thick.