About GF

1993 in 92224 Amberg
Marcus Gut und Jürgen Fröhner

GF Industrietechnik Gut & Fröhner OHG
D-92224 Amberg
Wernher-von-Braun-Straße 22

Ust.-Id.: DE 165 271 891
St.-Nr.: 201/160/53609
Handelsregister Amberg : HRA 1904



Development and production from automation devices to the quality assurance in the processing industry. Proportioning and promoting bulk materials.

Our requirement:

In co-operation with our customers we provide innovative, holistic concepts, in order to offer to you the optimum solution. We work with qualified personnel and most modern planning tools. This makes the planning and conversion possible of both standard and special solutions in the interest of our customers. Since industrial technology understands itself AP as service enterprise, the customer satisfaction has highest priority with us.

The logo:
Our achievement:

The monitoring and control of continuous production processes is our strength. We secure the quality during the process. The quality is determined by the following factors

  • material mixture dosing technology
  • promotion conveying engineering
  • mode measuring technique
  • weight and quantity of cradle technology
  • development of solutions engineering
The market:

Our products are used in the processing and producing industry. Because of the close connection to enterprises of the plastic industry AP industrial technology have specializedspecific knowledge and practical knowledge.

The tools:

We have experience of many years in handling most modern tools for planning and conversion of our products. By the employment of these tools we can develop customized solutions on high standard in shortest time.

  • 3D-CAD system
  • CAD supported e-planning
  • linked project often commodity for purchase and administration
  • scheduling
  • own programming of S7, mitsubishi pascal VB C++
The manufacturing

Our plants are manufactured completely in the own house. We control all usual welding methods. Our emphasis lies in the treatment of high-grade steels. By their own switch cabinet construction we combined the most important components in the own house.

The suppliers:

With the selection of the suppliers AP industrial technology already define the quality of their products. Therefore we attach great importance to quality and function of the products, which we use. As also we if we as suppliers work largest worth on best achievement put.