Material management software. The software enables the record and protocol of dose data and suits pour itself especially for recording of hand verwiegungen and other uses in that well technology.

MMS means material management software. The program was developed specially for the administration and supervision of dosing procedures (dosed, record, evaluate). The software consists essentially of three components.


The name of the program with which the user can administer and analyze the data. The program has following functions:

  • Users design and administer
  • Design and administer dispensing
  • Design and administer material data
  • Analyses of that dose carry out processes
  • Export data to Excel
  • Would report and generate analyses (adapted to the customer)


This program produces the connection to the control. In the normal case, the MMS collaborates dose always with a subordinated control (SPS), that the actual function and the communication with the user receives. MMS_server records the Dosierdaten and makes available it for the software. The server should be always in operation and can run on the same PC or one of other PC in the network. The access on the control works support with an interface, according to control we different interfaces:

  • Serial involvement RS232/RS485
  • Network TCP/IP

 3. SQL data base

In the database, the data continuously are stored and are recorded. That should become taken data also out of the database. We can get the data of a placed above system (z. B. SAP, Navision or other systems) the back message at these systems is also possible.